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General information about TPP from civil society groups:

Derechos Digitales
Consumers International
Why the heck should I care about the TPP?


Leaked texts (via Public Knowledge):

February 2011 draft of the TPP's Intellectual Property Rights Chapter
New Zealand's proposed IP chapter text
Chile's preliminary considerations for TPP IP chapter

National Campaigns

• Canada: Your Digital Future Survey via OpenMedia
• Canada: Michael Froman: Don't Criminalize Our Internet! via OpenMedia
• Chile: unete a la campaña promovida por la ONG Derechos Digitales
• Japan: 日本に住んでいる方には、Stop TPP!! ウェブページでご案内できますし、Stop TPPのT−シャツを買う事もできます。日本語でのTPPアップデートはツイッターを利用して下さい。
• Japan: TPPの知的財産権と協議の透明化を考えるフォーラム
• New Zealand: Send a postcard to the Minister of Trade via A Fair Deal New Zealand
• Peru: contacta lo más pronto posible a los bloggeros que se oponen al TPP y a las organizaciones que reclaman transparencia!
• Peru: No Negociable!
• U.S.: Send a message to your representatives in government via the EFF
• U.S.: Tell the White House to Ensure Openness in the TPP's IP Chapter via Public Knowledge
• U.S.: Stop the Secret Copyright Agenda: Don't Trade Away Our Digital Rights via the EFF


Participating governments' information about the TPP (via Public Knowledge):

New Zealand

Core Organization Members:


InternetNZ     EFF     Australian Digital Alliance

Public Citizen     Derechos Digitales     NZOSS     Electronic Frontiers Australia

LIANZA     Council of Canadians     Consumer.     CIPPIC

trade me     Public Knowledge     NZ rise

Hiperderecho     Fight for the Future

Creative Freedom     Consumers International          BCFIPA     Tuanz

RNZFB     APC     GenWhy     MIAU

DemandProgress     Affinity Bridge     Scoop     IITP

Agentic     Australian Library and Information Association     TechDirt     FreePress